Welcome to Casa Artistica!

Welcome to Casa Artistica.

Casa Artistica's mission is to welcome all artists, whatever their level of experience, and guide them to fabulous treasures of artistic techniques used in jewelry, textile design, and in makeup, a body art argued to have been the earliest form of a ritual in human culture.

Whether you have little experience or a lot, or none at all, you will feel like immersing yourself into the one activity that will pique your curiosity, and allow you to push your boundaries and freely explore your own creativity. Our curriculum is not based on a diploma viewed as the, success criterion, but more fundamentally it will allow you to engage on a quest that will take you through the fascinating universe of artisans of past centuries. May you find during this brief visit at Casa Artistica a passion that will last a lifetime.

All our teachers are professionals in their domain and all are accomplished educators. They are thrilled at the idea of sharing a common passion with you in pleasant surroundings that encourage creativity.

You can reach us in all confidence at: info@casaartistica.com.  We will greet you with open arms and minds.

Come and have a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of water, visit our arts center, speak with our teachers, professional artists and artisans and see for yourself how we live our passions.






Peinture intuitive

Peinture intuitive



Filigrane - atelier intensif
Dessin de bijou - niveau 1
Émail 3D et foldforming
Laine feutrée à l'aiguille
Amulets and Talismans

Amulets and Talismans


Why do we keep things like old ticket stubs, keys to cars we no longer own, a lock of someone’s hair, an earring with no mate, a used book of matches?   Why?  Because these are not just objects, the..


Introduction to enamel

Introduction to enamel


This workshop's objective is to allow you to discover several dry enamel application techniques (cardboard template, stencil, sgraffito) and how to control the firing process when working on copper...


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