Welcome to Casa Artistica!

Our mission at Casa Artistica is to allow artists, regardless of their level of experience, to discover a variety of artistic techniques used in jewelery, textile creations and even in the art of makeup! Whether you have a little experience, a lot or not at all, you can immerse yourself in an activity that will pique your curiosity and make you explore your own creativity. Our courses are not built to give you a diploma, but more to offer you the opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of craftsmen of the last centuries. Perhaps you will find a passion that will change the course of your life!

Our professors are professionals in their respective fields and have extensive teaching experience. They are eager to share their passion with you in a pleasant environment that is conducive to creativity.

These teachers, we are going to look for them where the expertise is, anywhere in the world, because we have a huge opening on all the ancestral traditions, and we want to get a whole bag of knowledge which will benefit those who will engage in these weeks of discovery, exploration and creativity.

 Marielle Teasdale


Une semaine de Champlevé avec Sandra McEwen

Une semaine de Champlevé avec Sandra McEwen


This class is given in english only. Learn to make champlevé enamel jewelry! We will start with sheets of fine silver, saw out the design, and fuse the bases using an acetylene torch. Then you will..


Peinture sur porcelaine